How to Avoid Commercialism On Valentine’s Day

Love means a lot more then sending two dozen roses and having an expensive candle light dinner.  It seems like everyone believes that Valentines day is this special day where you are suppose to go over the top to prove your love.  It seems like today that people couldn’t plan a Valentine’s day without using any commercialism.  Here are some ideas to do valentine’s day yourself and not look like a corny Jared’s add.

1. Cook A Romantic Dinner

There’s nothing more romantic about someone taking the time to plan what to make you then make you a delicious dinner.

2. Leave Little Love Notes Everywhere

 Letting someone know that they are important to you is way more romantic than a diamond ring in my opinion.  If you leave before your loved one wakes up leave little notes around the house and in the car saying how much you care.

3.  Have a Netflix Night and Let her Pick the Movie

Not that we don’t like watching movies you like sometimes it good to suck it up and watch a chick flick.  The most important one about this is don’t complain throughout the entire movie about how a boy meets a girl, they fall in love, get in a fight then in the end get back together.  We know that’s how they all go but we will always watch them.

4.  Take a Bubble Bath

I don’t think anyone needs an explanation to why this is a good idea.

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