The Real Meaning Of Valentines Day

Today when people think of valentines day they think about chocolate and giant teddy bears that say be mine.  But maybe not.

The origin or this Holiday is not romantic at all and it not about the expression of love.  The Story behind St. Valentine is about A Roman Priest.  This priest was about to prohibit young people to marry.  There was a theory that young men would fight better if they where married rather than if they where single because they might be more afraid what would happen to their wives or families when they died.

The society where St. Valentine lived in was a very allowing society polygamy was more popular then one women and one man living together.  But the church believed that marriage was more sacred between one women and one man.  Valentine was about promoting marriage between one women and men in the Christian church and branch away from polygamy.  Valentine had to secretly marry the couples because of the rules set forth by the authority.

Valentine was later imprisoned.  In the year 269 AD Valentines was sentenced to be part of an execution including stoning, beating, and decapitation.  It is known that his last words was a note to Asterius’ daughter with the words “from your Valentine”.

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