Tuesday Trends

Winter weather can sometimes be a large let down when you thought of a cute outfit to wear and you wake up in the morning and your front deck has a foot of snow on it.  I know people in the northeast know what I’m talking about.  I know last weekend when I went home my house in Cape Cod had more snow then my dorm room in Burlington Vermont.  
Flannel And Jeans
Everyone wants to look good but also people do not want to freeze on the walk to class.  Flannels are a great layer and they are also a very warm. Wear them over a sweater and you can always wear a pair of leggings under jeans to add extra warmth.  
 Boyfriend Jeans
I recently almost bought a pair of jeans then looked at how much money I had in my account, sadly I don’t own a pair of these jeans.  These look great with an over sized sweater and sandals or a pair of ankle boots if you live in a colder climate.  
 Colored Skirts
This is a great outfit this time of year if you live in Florida but I’m going to help you achieve this same outfit in places as cold as Canada.  Chances are if you are wearing this outfit you are not going to spending more then the walk to the car to the restaurant outside.  If you live in a colder climate wear some skin color tights and wear a wool trench coat.  If you are worried about still being cold wearing a tank top wear a white 3/4 quarter sleeve shirt.  

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