Heartbreak Hotel

I’m not one to quote the Fault in Our Stars but there is one line that is very true.  “You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world…but you do have some say in who hurts you.”  When you let someone in it is your decision someone can’t force you to care.  When you let someone in and you fall in love with them they have the power to destroy you
In my life not many people have been able to have this effect on me.  Life sucks sometimes and its up to you to move past it and learn from it.  Then comes the hardest part forgetting about everything.  Forget about being happy because someone who you loved betrayed you worse then anyone has ever before.  If you let someone get close to you you can’t control if they hurt you or not.  Here are some breakup tips to follow.

1. Block or unfriend him on Facebook
Let’s admit we all do it after a breakup.  We post photos of how much fun we are having so they don’t think we where even bothered by the break up but you are also seeing what he is posting.  You do not need to see any of your ex’s photos with a title like “Tom’s Bar crawl” it’s just going to end up hurting you more.  
2. If you feel the need to drink, call some friends
Nothing is sadder then being alone, sad and drunk watching the titanic or the notebook.  Call some friends over to your house make dinner and have a girls night.  You are heartbroken and everyone has been there before but don’t be sad alone.
3.  If you want to drunk text, have your friend take your phone or throw it in the Ocean
Today technology is always around us and telling someone exactly how you feel takes a second.  Have your friend take your phone to get your mind off everything.
4.  Write a letter and never send it
There are always things that you wish you could say to someone after a breakup that you couldn’t think of telling him.  Get it all out on paper write down everything that you would want to tell him and don’t leave out any bad words because he is never going to see it.  
5. Spend Time outside
Take your dog for a walk, start running, getting exercise and some fresh air are great ways to clear your mind.  Life can be hard and staying cooped up inside all day is not a way to solve it.  For your lunch break take a walk and find a park bench and eat your lunch.  

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