#OOTD Ideas

This morning when I got up I changed my outfit three time.  Yes three times, way to many clean clothing was on my floor this week and it gave me an idea.  I’ve never been one for planning out outfits unless I was going to an event.  Here are some outfits to give you ideas about what to wear next week so you can see your floor and not the shirt that shrunk in the dryer.   
Sherpa Moto Jackets
I have a jacket like this except its all black but I forgot it at home when I left for spring break :(.  These jackets are perfect for spring days when it’s a little too warm to wear your winter jacket but you can’t just walk out in a flannel.  
 Who says you have to wait till Memorial day to wear white?
I love this outfit and especially the skirt.  This skirt has volume but it is not over whelming and looks like it is too fancy to wear to school or work.  Also this outfit has ankle boots which if I could spend all my money on a type of shoe is would be these boots.  They are casual and really cute. 
Button Downs and Jeans
Wearing a button down is a great way to look a little more dressed without having to put a lot of time into it.  Like when you wear a dress you have to accessorize it but a button down it is not necessary.  
 Jean Jacket and Stripes
Sometimes patterns can be very overwhelming for outfits.  Cheetah and other animal prints are very hard to add into an outfit without making it too much and distract from the outfit.  Stripes are great because they’re only two colors and usually one is white and they add to your outfit without overwhelming it.  
 Cable Knit Sweaters
Sweater weather is not over yet! Knit sweaters are perfect for those spring days that are a little colder then the others.  They are also great because you can wear them just with jeans and they look great.  
For some reason my closet has been more darker colors but spring is time to change that!  I can not wait to wear shorts and a t-shirt after this winter.  If you are in a warmer climate rock those colorful shorts.  
Dress and skirt season is almost here but sometimes you can pull out those dresses earlier.  I want you guys to be warm so I don’t mean pull out a sleeveless summer dress.  Wear a long sleeve dress and wear a collared shirt under it.  Also you can wear boots or knee thighs to keep yourself a little warmer.  

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