10 Tv Shows and Movies that Should be on Netflix

Netflix lately seems to be adding more popular shows and movies like friends and the oscar winning movie Twilight haha.  Ok on a more serious note I don’t understand why Netlfix either took some of these shows off Netflix or has never had them streaming.  Because honestly who still gets DVDs mailed to their house anymore? (way to much effort to walk to the mailbox)
1. Veronica Mars

When I first got Netflix in 7th grade you could watch Veronica Mars then they later took it off. Why Netflix why?  Veronica Mars is about a girl in high school who later enters college and she works as a private eye.  What a 17 year old badass.  

2. Ugly Betty

I still remember when Ugly Betty was on air Wednesday’s at 8 and Wednesday’s just were not the same after it went off the air.  But why hasn’t Netflix but it on yet? Desperate housewives and most of ABC’s shows are on.  

3.Stick it

2006 was a great year for teen girl power movies like stick it and She’s the man but almost 10 years after they came out none are on Netflix.  

4. What I Like About You

To be completely honest I cried when this show got cancelled.  It was great hilarious and I missed seeing Nick Zano every Friday night.  This show stars Amanda Bynes who as a teen has to move in with her sister in New York City.  

5. Make it Or Break It

The only show on ABC Family that ended too soon.  Seriously how are there still Pretty Little Liars episodes and why are they still in high school?  This show is all about friendship and people in a competitive world at a young age.

6. Zoey 101

Possibly one of the best shows on Nickelodeon starring Jamie Lynne Spears.  Ever see anyone wearing their key around there neck? Well if you do they probably got it from this show.

7. Lizzie MaGuire

I don’t think there is a girl my age who this wasn’t there favorite show when they where 7.  Not having disney channel as a kid I only got to see episodes on Saturday morning and if this comes on netflix everyone will be happy. 

8. The Big Bang Theory

So I’m a little of a nerd and this show is possibly my favorite comedy especially the old episodes when Lennard was obsessed with Penny.  Question is Sheldon ever going to loose it?

9. 10 Things I Hate About You

I’m pretty sure this use to be on Netflix then it got turned into a really bad tv show.  I’m sorry but Julia Stiles and Health Ledger just can never be replaced.  

10. The Mindy Project

Mindy is on Canadian Netflix but not American.  Where else am I suppose to get my fashion advice about how to wear prints on prints?  Also do you think Mindy’s friend will come back now that she is going to have a kid of her own.  

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