7 Ways to Not be Annoying on Instagram

This post has been a long time coming and I have finally been in the ranty mood to write it.  There are so many posts on the Internet about how to attract new follows but not many on how to keep those follows and not having your posts things that people say “Oh another picture of your cat” so here are a couple of things that annoy me and maybe try to avoid on social media.
1. We Get it Food is Great

Unless you have a food blog or are making some stake you have been marinating for days I really do not care that it is taco Tuesday.  Keep the food posts to a minimum and save it for the chocolate cake with melted fudge on it.
2. Oh it’s your Birthday?

If you look at my Facebook or any social media accounts, I like to keep things private.  Yes you can have a holiday without taking photos of you getting ready, opening the overly expensive gift your parents got you, and the classic red solo cup.
3. #ootd

First I would like to say this means outfit of the day not 3 pics a day.  I love fashion and dressing up, I’m not saying toss #ootd completely out but every day is a little ridiculous especially when you’re wearing Pj’s (Some people I just really don’t understand). Side bar on this one you can not make workout progress every day at least spread them out by a week.
4. Hashtag No Filler

We all use filters on every pictures especially selfies so just drop this one please.

Unless it is a shirtless picture of Theo James I really do not care.  Then there are the people that feel the need to make it their boyfriend EVERY week.  We get it after the first two posts, you’re getting laid good for you but I will unfollow you even if I’ve known you sense I was five #sorrynotsorry.
6. More posts then there are hours of the day

No ones life is so interesting that we need an up to date hour by hour Instagram update from you.  Unless you are an adorable french bulldog I do not need an update of your life.

Unless you just got your braces off NO.

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