Happy St. Patty’s Day: How to Dress in Green

I was in class today and I was really surprised by how many people where wearing green.  I remember in elementary school how it was a giant problem if some part of your outfit was not green. he hard thing is green is not really a popular color in fashion and sometimes can be a little overwhelming to an outfit.  Here are some ideas to wear green and look cute on St. Patricks day.

Green Colored Shirts

I’m really starting to like collared shirts after my last post.  You can wear a statement necklace under to color or wear a long sleeve dress over your shirt.  
 Olive Skirt
There are hundreds of different shades of green that I don’t think people take advantage of.  St. Patty’s day is still in winter and this color is perfect when you are still in your winter dark colors and will compliment your winter coat.  
 Green Pant

 Yes I said green pants it was not a typo.  Colored pants personally I do not think I pull them off well but everyone else I’ve seen wear them they look great.  To not make the color become too overwhelming wear some tall boots that are a neutral color.

A Blazer
This is great for someone who is working in a professional environment where wearing that odd only green shirt in your closet would not be appropriate.  Try going to tj max and find a jacket this color.  

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