New Artist Alert: Who is Fancy

My music lately has been seem to under some kind of spell and before about 20 minutes ago that spell wasn’t a good one.  My Spotify would randomly skip and earlier today it would play the song but no music came on.  But when I opened it tonight it started to play this song called “Goodbye” by a band called Who is Fancy.

I can not stop playing this song and I wanted to come up with a little story on them.  My only problem was I couldn’t find much on the artist or really even a picture of the artist except from ones from their music video, which I wouldn’t advise watching.  Yes I know it’s the first one but I think a better idea would of been the artist seeing his ex in their everyday life and not being able to say goodbye.  I think that would of shown the pain of a breakup and not having your first love in your life anymore.

The only thing I could find about the artist was that they where signed by the same people as Justin Bieber and Carley Ray Jepson.  Which would explain the Bieber style to his music video but I don’t want to talk about how much a let down the video was.  Who is fancy is a great band and I can see them being very successful because their music is very good and is more Sam Smith then pop Justin Bieber.

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