Three Wishes

If you woke up one day and there was a gold lamp on your night table, what would you do.  Would you open it or would you let it be.  So today I was going through my notebook of blog posts ideas and found this one and thought it was a little interesting.  If you had only three wishes what would the be. Well here are mine

1. To Be Able to Teleport

Think about it within seconds you could be anywhere you wanted.  At the Taylor swift concert back stage or hypothetically if your walking home in New York City at 3am on a Saturday and a sketchy person was following you.
2. To Never Have to Get Ready

Think about it how sweet would it be to able to look amazing at the snap of your fingers and not ever have to buy any clothing.  You would be able to sleep in until the second you had to leave and go to work or school.
3.  To Not Have To Worry About School

I’m sorry but I’m stressed the fuck out about school when it comes to the end of the semester and well the first day of classes.  How nice would it be to take in all the information and not forget it and always get an A.  

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