5 Cute Ways to Organize your Jewelry

Jewelry is great but when you have to spend more time untangling your necklace then it took to get ready it can become a little of a pain and I feel like more and more people are not wearing jewelry.  Here are a couple of ways to organize your jewelry:
Cork Boards
Cork board are great because it also adds to a blank wall in your room and adds color.  They have cork boards for as cheap as $5 at Michael’s and you probably have some tacks hanging around your house.  

Pretty Dishes

This dish is an example of a great diy.  Go to your local tj max or marshals and find a blank dish and grab some sharpies and then you have your own personalized dish.  

Tea Cups
I love this idea.  Tea cups are a great find at vintage or yard sales.  Yes I said yard sales because many people have vintage tea cups that they don’t use because they have little cracks but your jewelry won’t mind.  

Stack Bracelets on Vases
This idea is great because you can keep your bracelets and necklaces safe but also have some pretty flowers if you want just make sure your necklaces and bracelets have claps before you add flowers.  

Mini Jars
This idea is great because who doesn’t have some type of glass jar hanging around your house.  I keep all my rings in a small jam jar and there’s a lid so I never have to worry if I nock it over that I’m going to loose something.

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