Confessions Of A Shopaholic

Many of you have seen the movie Confessions of a shopaholic starring Isla Fisher.  That movie was hilarious but shopping can honestly be an addiction.  My beautiful friends I’m a shopaholic.  Here in the post I could tell you about how I spent more money this year on clothing than anything else even my college expenses but I figured you have already heard that.  In this post I’m going to share the weirdest things I have bought.

A Frog
You probably wouldn’t guess but you can buy a frog on amazon and it comes in 10-14 business days. Carmel was a nice little frog but sadly he couldn’t survive the winter.
Japanese Face Mask
Fair warning a lot of my stage buys come off amazon.  I completely support trying new products but his one I bought and the label was all in Japanese.  When trying a new product it is always good to be able to read the label.  But it does work really well check it out!
A Tutu
Just to clarify I have not done ballet sense I was in third grade but I now own a tutu.  
A Niall
To be honest I did not buy this for myself but I find it a little funny that I had a life size one direction cut out in my room for two weeks before Christmas.

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