This Would Save Lives: College Student Creates PMS Ice Cream

We all know when it’s coming.  You trade in your little black dress for some sweats and grab a spoon and scoop out some chocolate heaven.  College student Parker Jones from Dallas created a product packaging design  for just that time of the month.  

 Every container is designed for the current mood you are in.  According to Parker “The suggestion to do a ice cream packaging project came form a professor of mine,” she told seventeen magazine. “After that I tried to come up with different themes. I thought, ‘Why do I eat ice cream?’ I crave it when I’m PMSing! From there, I came up with the three stages of PMS: “I Think I’m Dying”, “Don’t Come Near Me” and “Give Me More,” all of which are how I feel when I’m cramping, pissed off, and craving ice cream.”

On a sad note these are only a product design.  If only Parker could get together with start up ice cream company and get on shark tank.  Kevin O’Leary is defiantly a guy with a sweet tooth and I think he would find this idea hilarious but genius.   

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