Coachella is a two weekend music festable  in Indio, California, located in the Inland Empire’s Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert.  Coachella lately has been getting a lot of attention from celebrates and H and M even has their own Coachella line.  The first day of the first weekend started today, here are some quick outfits you could pull together for Coachella also some funny Coachella rules I found on their site.  

Printed Dress

This outfit is great because everyone has a floral dress in their closet.  Even if it’s a million years old it’s vintage baby.  
Blue dress- LULUS



Coachella is where the rich and famous pretend to be down to earth and artsy while wearing a $1,000 dress.  Coachella in my opinion is about enjoying the music and also celebrating spring.  For this outfit head to tj max or marshals and pick out a fringe bad to keep the little things you need during the day.  No Louis Vuitton bags please.  

Rule # 2 NO TOTEMS

 Maxi Skirts

I love maxi skirts for this event.  The reason being is Coachella is not cancelled if it is not absolutely beautiful out.  It’s perfect for a day of the event where the weather isn’t wonderful or you forgo your razor at home.  Shit happens 


 Daisy Dukes

Personally I don’t care about any negative things people have to say about daisy dukes.  I love mine and they are cute.  Wear them with a lace shirt and some cute able boots.  Haters gotta hate.  



I love Kimonos I had one sophomore year but the flower looked a little to much like “a male sex organ” so I was not allowed to wear it to school anymore.  But they are great if you want to put something on when it’s night time and gets a little chilly.  Also they are super mall and light so they don’t take up top much room.  

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