What I’m Obsessed with at the Moment

Hey everyone! Sorry these past couple weeks have been extremely hectic.  The past week I haven’t got back to my room before midnight but hopefully next week is a little more mellow.  I was going to write a little article about my hectic week but instead I want to talk a little about things that I love at the moment.  It’s Friday you got to stay positive.



Little Numbers by BOY

This song is actually on my Valentines playlist I posted a few months ago. But sense I avoid everything on valentines day I never really listened to it.  This song is adorable and not too intense.  Sometimes love songs are a little to much and is the comparison to that couple who makes out in class. You just got to grin and bare it till the next song comes on.   

Fourfiveseconds- Rihanna ft Kayne West and Paul McCartney 

I love Rihanna, I think she is amazing and has a very interesting life.  At this point in my life the three people dead or alive I’d have dinner with are Rihanna, Mindy, and Hitchcock.  

All About it – Hoddie Allen ft Ed Sheeran

Um it has Ed Sheeran and there’s rapping involved I don’t think I have to say anymore to make you listen to this song on repeat for hours like I do.  #noshame


Doogie Howser MD
If you’ve ever watched How I Met Your Mother or even if you haven’t you will not believe that this is Neil Patrick Harris.  Barney and Doogie are very different people but I love them both.  All three seasons are on HULU!
Weird Loners
You know when you’re watching a show and the fake studio laughter takes over the show because the laughing wasn’t even funny?  Well this show is not like that, the best way to describe this show is that  is is “on point”.  All the actors are great and the writing is amazing.  And it also stars Becki Newton from Ugly Betty.  


Sun In

I haven’t died my hair sense October, which in my life that is the equivalent to 87 years.  When I was going blonde I died my hair 5 time in one night, so my hair was pretty destroyed.  Now my hair is super healthy but I miss the blonde life.  This is a great way to lighten your hair and also be healthy

Nourish Organic Skin Solve

Burlington destroyed my skin.  I put on lotion every night but still nothing changed until I got this.  It’s a great product from a small company, I used it once and it worked better than me using the other lotions everyday.  

Soft Lips Cube

I’m Obsessed.  I think maybe my baby lips obsession is coming to an end.  I really like this because it’s not too oily but it keeps your lips nice of hours and smells amazing.

Party Proof By Model Co

Hands down my favorite lipstick.  The one thing I really don’t like about most lipsticks are that they are over powering and get on your teeth.  This one is great and I use it pretty much every day.  

LORAC Bronzer 

I hate bronzer but this one is great.  I have fair skin but pressed powder makes me way to ghost looking so in the summer I have to use bronzer the even everything out.  Many I have used have made me look very very orange but this one is great.  


Skater dress

Bye bye three pairs of pants.  This weeks weather has been great and it is almost summer.  The reason why I prefer dresses over skirts is because they are great for my lazy college mood in the morning.  You know sometimes picking out a matching shirt and top is just too much…

High Waisted shorts

When my parents visited me for parents weekend I told them”Take all my shorts I won’t need them”.  For any college student yes you will need them.  When I got my Easter basket there was four pairs of my shorts in them and I was more happy about that then the Canterbury Eggs.  I love chocolate so that is saying a lot.  


This could just be a Vermont thing but I love mine and I don’t know how I went though high school with just one.  You can sleep in it and wake up and do to class and you look amazing.  

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