How to Wear Denim This Spring

I remember when I was in fifth grade I got made fun of for having a jean jacket and now wearing a sundress without a jean jacket is just not a completed outfit.  So take that fifth grade mean girls.  Jean is great for the transition from winter to spring because it is a light layer and is also very fashionable.

Denim On Denim On Denim

This outfit became something that should never be combined to an adorable outfit.  To make this outfit look better mix different denim washes.  

 Boyfriend Jeans

I really don’t like dressing “Lazy”.  I love my sweatpants but I think I have only wore pjs outside my dorm once and sweatpants once when I got my wisdom teeth out.  Yes these jeans are a little lazy but it’s the good kind of lazy.

Denim Vest

Trade your Patagonia puffer jacket in for a denim vest this fall.  It’s a great way to add to your outfit. 

 Daisy Dukes

 Denim Dress

I honestly think finding a cute denim dress is the ultimate challenge. But look how cute they look..

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