DC Comics Is Finally Launching a Comic Book Line for Girls

Why is it that the only thing we have close to to a girl superhero is the powderpuff girls and women super heroes that never have more then a couple lines.  If Laura Lance can become the canary in Arrow then why are their not more girl superhero.  She’s not as much as a bad ass as Sara.  Defiantly could not survive on a deserted island but she still can beat up a metahuman.  I should probably stop because Arrow pretty much broke my heart this season and I could go on for days about Arrow. Olicity needs to happen, just saying.

Thanks to an 11 year old girl DC comics is finally launching a comic line just for girls.  The 11 year old wrote a letter to DC showing her sadness about the lack of female characters and like most things with children doing extraordinary things it went viral.  Step aside blue/Gold dress something else broke the Internet.

The new line of comic books will focus on their most popular super heroes like superwomen and poison ivy in their teens.  This line of comic books is set to launch in the fall.

Every  girl should be thanking 11 year old Rowen “Girls read comics to, and they care”

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