Nourish Organic Review

When it comes to buying beauty products in college I stay to what ever is the cheapest and won’t damage my skin or hair.   The problem with that is you get products that only work for a few hours or have bad results.  This month I splurged a little and got a couple products from Nourish Organic and they are wonderful.  

What is Nourish Organic?

Nourish Organic started ten years ago and became the first line of chemical free and environmentally  friendly products.  My favorite part of their company is that they are completely cruelty free and gluten free.  Every sense I looked at the list of all the companies that test on animals the boycott started.  This company also gives back to the community, a couple of the organizations they donate to are The Women’s Shelter and meals on wheels.

The Products

Nourish Organic Deodorant
Lavender Mint

I kinda find it funny that people will ask “How of you like your shampoo?” or  “What’s your favorite lipstick color” but no one asks about deodorant.  I feel like it’s just something everyone uses and forgets about it until they really do forget that day to put it on.  We all use it why not talk about it?
There’s a few things I look out for when I try a new deodorant.  One is does it smell good.  Yes they do have odd and weird smelling sticks and it makes me wonder who forgot to smell this one.  It’s best for you not to smell at all or smell great.  This deodorant does have a strong smell once you put it on but goes away after you put a shirt on.  You smell like flowers all day, who wouldn’t love that?
I workout pretty much everyday and the last thing I want is to get white marks on my shirt or have white deodorant balls on your arms.  This deodorant is a great mixture of a dry and solid.  It is more liquid so the white goes away and sinks into your skin, no white marks! Then once it sinks is there is not dry deodorant residue.  
Find this product at

Nourish Organic Skin Solve
Sweet Orange and Rosehip

Moving from Cape Cod to Burlington Vermont, my skin took a beating this winter.  Before this I was using lotion that I believe I only paid two dollars for and it was doing absolutely nothing.  After using this for a couple of days it saved my skin.  This product is more on the thick side and it is better to put on right before you go to be or if you are wearing a skirt or a dress.  
When I look for lotions there are two main aspects I look for.  Does it smell good and how does it dry.  One time I bought lotion and put in on right before I went to work for the fist time.  Five minutes before I had to leave I was showering because it was so strong.  Still made it to work 2 minutes early though!  This lotion does have a smell but it not over powering and smells great.  Sometimes especially fake tan lotions take forever too dry.  This lotion does take a couple of minutes but for how thick it is it drys remarkably fast.  
Find this product at

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