Summer 2015 Swim Trends

Summer is almost upon us and after nine months living in Vermont with the harsh cold winds, I can’t wait to sit on the beach and read Modern Romance.  Here are a couple of the new trends in 2015 Swim wear and some sites were you can get these styles!

High Neck Crop Top

I really like this style.  I think dresses and tank tops with this neck line look amazing.  This bathing suite covers up your chest area and brings attention to your abs.  The other great thing about this style is I have seen different variations of this style in prints, solids, and fabrics like lace.  
ASOS– I love this one, the neck line is what makes this suit!

Longline Bikini Tops

I have a bra that has this style and they are really comfortable even though you would think they wires would get annoying.  With this you are going to have to worry a little about tan lines.  Sense the top is a little longer if you wear this then wear a classic triangle top the next day you will have some strange lines.  
Nasty Girl– This one is a little more edgy but I thought it was super cool

Long-sleeved Swimwear

Fair warning trying to find one of these bathing suites can get a little expensive, but I found one for you girls that is only sixty dollars.  These are great if you’re thinking about spending a little bit more time in the water and maybe trying surfing for the day.  
Prime Scuba – This O’ Neil suite is only sixty dollars!


I believe it was Taylor Swift who brought back retro swimwear.  The key with this style is the high wasted bottom as long as you have that pretty much any top besides a triangle Bikini will look retro.  
Bloomingdales – I want this suit, the lines give you a great hourglass figure. 

Sporty Chic

I really like that this style is not just for athletes and for beach volleyball teams.  I always thought these bathing suits were so cool because they were so unique.  Everyone was wearing the Hollister and Abercrombie of bathing suites but these are very classic and laid back.  


To be completely honest I would never wear one of these except the first one from ASOS but I’m kinda more on the conservative side when it comes to sheer bathing suits.  

High Wasted Bottoms

The bathing suites are great because they make your stomach look smaller.  Also they have a vintage look to them.   These are the high waisted shorts of the beach.  

Cut Out

I really like these bathing suits and I think they are totally worth a weird tan line.  They are great if you don’t want to go with the traditional bikini but do not want to go with a one piece.  

Circle Cut

This is a new style which I do not completely understand.  I think that you would get a very awkward tan but it has been populating the runway this season.  

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