7 Free People Inspired DIY Room Decor

My least favorite thing is looking through the Free People website and telling myself I’ll only be able to afford this phone case if if there was a mistake at the hospital and I’m actually Bill Gates daughter.  But if that day never happens here are some easy Diy to get your favorite free people decor for less!

1. Gold Dipped Feather Garland.

With only six inexpensive art supplies you can make this boho garland to add some sparkle to your room. 

2. Wooden Jewelry Holder

Instead of using that sick marshmallow stick to make your s’more over the summer save it to make this jewelry holder and not have any twisted chains. 

3.Painted Rock Magnets

Your mini fridge will be looking unique and retro with this simple diy!

4. Gold Bookends

With just spray painting some PVC pipes this DIY will make sure your books will never fell and scare you in the middle of the night with a loud crash.  

5. Dream Catchers

No more bad dreams with this Diy.

6. Boho Fabric Garland 

Instead of throwing out old clothing make this one of a kind garland. 

7.Paper Plane Mobile

This mobile is great for over your desk.  

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