9 Things Every Girl Should Have in Her Closet this Summer

1. Romper

Perfect for a summer barbecue or a day at the fair.  

2. White Jeans

Don’t forget no white after labor day.  

3. BaseBall Tee

Great for days when you are traveling and exploring a new town.  

4. Crewneck Sweater 

Perfect thing to have in your car just in case the summer beach  party gets a little chilly.  

5. Dark Jeans

Dark jeans are my personal favorite.  Always a staple to have in your closet.  

6. High Waisted Shorts

Perfect to wear with a crop top or tuck in your shirt!

7. Converse 

Whether you are wearing a dress or cutoff short these shoes will look great.  

8. Military Jacket 

Even though summer is suppose to be 80 and sunny, some days its a little chilly.  Wear this jacket to look stylish on the gloomy days.  

9. Kimono

The more unique the better.  These are great for those late beach days when the sun goes away.

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