Hada Labo Tokyo Review

When ever my mother says something like “Never pull your face down, always up” my initial reaction is “I’m 19 I don’t need to be worried about aging”.  I hate to break it to myself and to all of you but the day will come where are worry lines turn into wrinkles and focusing on your skins health now is vitally important. 

What is Hada Labo Tokyo?

Hada Labo is a company that started in Japan in 2004 which followed the simple concept “Perfect but simple”.  The concept means they took out all the unnecessary additives and ingredients.  Had Labo is the first Japanese company to launch in the US.  

Replenishing Hydrator

When you buy this product it and your purse will become best friends.  After this harsh winter we have had this product will help any dry skin problem you had.  When I say the product and your purse will become best friends, It means take this product were ever you go.  It’s small enough to fit in a section of your purse and you can apply it thoughout the day.    

My experience 

Personally I tend to have oily skin but the product I use for my acne does tend to make it very dry in the morning.  What I did was I used this product after I showered and then hours later when I went to bed I but on my face cream.  It helped with any white dryness on my skin which I normally had to cover up with concealer.  

Super Hyaluronic Acid

This product contains Super Hyaluronic Acid.  Don’t worry everyone, I had no idea what it was either.  This acid helps is developing healthy younger looking skin.   Hada Labo is the only product that contains this acid that creates softer and stronger skin.  

 Ultimate Anti- Aging Facial Mask

This is a cotton face mask and each mask contains a full bottle of anti again serum.  You are suppose to leave the mask on for ten minutes and it will help restore your skin.  

My Experience

Face Masks are my favorite thing in the world.  Well besides my puppy but the best thing about this mask is you don’t have to worry about washing it off or worrying if the green goop is still in your hair.  (Don’t do a green mask right before school).  This mask it great, the cotton is very comfortable on your skin.  If you’ve ever done a paper facial they do not stick to your face and you end up giving up after 5 minutes because it’s awkward.  This mask fits to your face and gives your skin a glow after.  


I would recommend these products for everyone no matter what your age is or your skin time.  After using the product in the morning I was worried about my skin being too oily thought the day and it was.  If you have oily skin use it overnight or when your home watching Netflix on a Saturday.  If you have dry skin you will love this product and you can put it over your makeup and it will not mess it up. 
It’s never to early to start worrying about your skin aging.  Especially now were everyone is worried about being tan.  Tanning ruins your skin.  If you want to lay out on the beach all day that’s your choice but also choose to protect the health of your skin.  
P.s. If you try the face mask send snapchats to your friends they will be very amused.  

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