5 Reasons to Stay Away from Tinder This Summer

1. It’s “Dating”

When was the last time you heard someone say, “I met my boyfriend on tinder”? Possibly never.  Tinder is a hookup app, plain and simple.  

2. Catfish

Do you really know who is behind that computer screen? Yes, you might have four mutual friends, but the person behind the screen may actually be a middle-age man or even a middle schooler.  

3. It’s Creepy

Guys swipe left or right depending on a couple of pictures and a little comment.  They are not interested in what you are interested in or were you go to school.  They are looking for a fun night.

4. Old School Dating

People have forgotten how to communicate.  People talk through texts and instant messages.  The only people I call on the phone are my parents.  In the past, people use to have to ask for parents’ permission to date someone.  I’m not saying date to that extreme, but get to know the person before you see them after dark.  

5. Real Life Interaction

When was the last time you went up to a stranger and started a conversation? People meet others through mutual friends, but they never talk to the cute guy that sits next to them in class.  Don’t wait until you match on Tinder to start the conversation. Start it now.  

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