Fashion Icons Of the 2015 Billboard Music Awards

While I was spending 12 hours in a car stuck in traffic, everyone’s favorites in music got dressed in their Vegas Sunday bests and hit the red carpet.  I was going through the photos and saw the “best” and the “worst” and was getting a little annoyed.  Fashion is about expressing yourself, not about what worrying about what other people are going to say about what you wear.

Taylor Swift

Taylor, can I have this?  This is a new take on a jumpsuit.  The top is very flattering and shows off Taylor’s toned arms. 

Natalie La Rose

So I’m a little obsessed with this dress, and wish I could have worn it two years ago to this Gatsby event I went to.  This dress looks so fun, and the light color brings out Natalie’s red hair.   

Seriously though can I borrow this dress?

Laverne Cox

Laverne traded in her orange jump suit for a little more of a flattering ensemble for this event.  This dress was great because it followed a simple structure while having a cool print.  

Kerri Kasem

I really like this dress.  Wearing red on a red carpet is always favorable.  I really liked this dress because it was a white dress with a red pattern.  The dress complimented her skin color and her makeup choices brought out the red in the dress.  

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