My Favorite 3 Whish Products

Their Story

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Whish was created by Jesse Warner, who like me has sensitive skin that is made weaker by all the daily things I do to by skin like shaving and cuts.  He tried everything from drugstore brands to the expensive creams in saks, until he found this European cream.  Then one day his wife asked to borrow his shaving cream and she said “I wish I had something that worked so well, but didn’t leave me smelling like an old English guy.”  Then with a little work his wife wish became Whish.
The my three favorite products are:
Hand Cream: ($24)
Almond Body Butter: ($24)
Self Tanner: ($30)
Special Mention: Blueberry shave cream: ($20)(aka heaven for your legs)
If you can’t wait the 3-5 days for shipping, you can get these products at your local Ulta store! 

Hand Cream

The main problem I have with hand creams is you have to wait about ten minutes until you can do anything.  When you’re working your summer job or are about to go to the beach, you don’t have time to wait ten minutes until you can drive or send a text. This product was great because it was not super thick and dried super fast.  Also the cream did not have an overpowering smell that you would not want to get over everything that you touched.

Almond Body Butter

I love this product more than I ever would of thought. I’ve never had a body butter that worked this well and dried this fast.  Every body butter I’ve ever used has smelled great and made my skin soft, but it never helped my skin in the long term.

I got the almond butter because, they didn’t have the blueberry (it honestly smells like heaven). The bottle is not tiny, but it is small enough to fit in a large purse when you are on the go, on vacation this summer, or at the beach.  Even though they did not have the blueberry the almond smelled just as good as the blueberry.

Self Tanner

My rule with self tanner is less is always more.  If you put a giant pump on your hand, you are going to be an orange oompalumpa.  When I did the first round of this, I used only a little and got a good summer glow.  The second round, I used way too much and did not give it time to glow.  Now, sitting at my brothers graduation, my skin does not look good.  

This is a great product, but you just need to practice using it correctly.  Yes, practice like you practice your corner kick.  This product does have the ability to look great, but if you are not careful, you will be orange and will have to wear long pants in the summer.

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