5 Summer Must Haves

I know it is still over a month until summer begins, but it’s raining on lovely Cape Cod today, and I thought a summery post would boost my summer spirit a little.  I went from -12 degree weather wearing three pairs of pants and 3 sweaters to now having 85 degree weather, so to say the least, I’m ready for beach weather.  Here are a few things that I will be wearing this summer:

The Shirt Dress

Dress shirts used to be the cute thing a girl would be wearing in a romantic comedy.  But now they are the new trend to wear to brunch or on a sunny day.  What I like about these is that they cover up your shoulders.  If you’re like me, if you’re outside for five minutes, your shoulders are the color of a cooked lobster, but your body is completely pale.  The other great thing is that they are so easy because you can use the old dress shirt your old boyfriend left at the house.

Print Halter Maxi

I really wish I had a great maxi dress.  This dress is great because the thing I worry about with maxi dresses is that they’re too low, but this one has a great halter neck.  Personally, I think halter tops and dresses are greatly overlooked.  I think they are wonderful.  You don’t have to worry about the dress being too low or your straps falling down and constantly having to put them back in place.
Same as the model: lezalez

Peach Dress

This is one color that you never see when you go out to a summer event.  This color is great to wear to summer events like wedding and graduation parties because it is a very fun color without being as flashy as a bright yellow dress.  This dress is also very complimenting if you haven’t got your summer glow yet.
Same as Model: Postolatieva

Fruit Dresses

Last year, the thought of wearing fruit on a dress was something I thought only Anna Kendrick would wear in an SNL skit.  Seriously, I feel like she would play the perfect southern belle that wasn’t so sweet.  But after Beyonce’s sister Solange wore her lemon dress to Coachella, I think they are adorable and perfect for that summer bbq that the cute guy from your high school chem class is also going to.
Same as Model: Miaventuraconlamoda

Indie Romper

I just got one of these from American Eagle for $16, and I’m in love with it.  I’ve only bought one of these before, and I hated it because I bought it way too small.  My tip with these is trying them on because not every store runs the same, and returning something online can be a super hassle.  In my experience, the rompers that have prints look the most flattering because I feel like the plain ones look like you’re wearing a weirdly proportionate dress.

Check out http://www.dontbecommonfashion.com later today for a summer hairstyles post!

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