Summer Hairstyles for Every Hair Length

So here’s my summer hairstyle: grab a brush and a ponytail band and I’m done.  I wrote this because I think I need to be a little more creative, but I was stuck on what to do.  The great thing about today is that you don’t need to buy hairstyle books or magazines.  You can watch youtube videos and pause and rewind when you get stuck.  Here are some great videos I found about hairstyles for this summer.

Short Hair – The Around the World Braid

When I had short hair, I loved that my hair only took a couple of minutes to dry and it was healthier, but doing anything cute with my hair seemed impossible.  I love braiding my hair. I think it is so simple and easy to do but only takes a couple of minutes.
This hairstyle is perfect for short hair, but just makes sure to keep the braid tight.  Because your hair is so short, it will be tricky to keep any loose pieces of hair from falling out, but I have faith in you.

Helpful Videos

Medium Hair- French Braid into a Messy Bun 

Buns are my favorite thing, but I can never get them to look good.  When you’re going to the beach, you try to keep your hair out of the water because it will get that salty stickiness that no ones likes.  Buns are great, but you don’t want them to come undone.  Adding a braid adds an extra level of protection to keep the hairstyle intact without having to use hairspray.  

Helpful Videos-

Long Hair – The Spiral Braid

One of my friends from high school has perfect mermaid hair, and I couldn’t be more jealous of all the cool hairstyles she can do.  This hairstyle is super cool, and the tutorial is by Mimi from Luxy Hair, so it’s also super easy to follow.  This braid is really cool because it is something that Mimi created, and I’ve never seen it before. You will definitely catch some attention at your summer with this dramatic “twist” on the classic braid.  
Helpful Videos:

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