Grad Gifts For Every Major

Graduation season is upon us.  Last weekend, I was in Virginia for my brother’s graduation from George Mason University.  I love giving people gifts and something they will really love and hopefully not regift.  My brother is a giant Patriots fan, and for his present, I got him a signed picture of the Patriots by Robert Kraft.  He’ll have a hard time trying to regift that.  Here are some gift ideas for every different type of graduate:

Business Major

This works for both high school and college graduations.  When I was a freshman business student, I would have loved to own an outfit that was professional to wear to presentations.  But more importantly, for the college graduates who are going to have to look like Elle Woods everyday, just make sure not to wear too much pink.  
Great Places to get Business clothing:

The Music Major

Even though they are ridiculously expensive, a good pair of speakers would make any graduate happy, especially a music major.  Music doesn’t sound horrible from a computer, but with a nice pair of bluetooth speakers, the recent grad can have music in any room in his or her tiny new NYC apartment.  
Great Speakers:

Culinary Major

One of the most expensive things for cooks are a set of knifes.  Buying a new culinary grad a nice set of knifes will make him or her look like a professional on the first day of work.  
Great Places to get Chief Knifes:

Fashion Major

Fashion majors are going to be on the go all the time.  My cousin works in fashion, and I hear that she’s in L.A. One day and in Tokyo the next day.  Get this grad something that will make traveling a little better.  
Things to make your fashionable business trips better:

The Science Major

Get this grad something green.  The great thing about green buys is that they always have a story that comes with the gift – a little story about where the product comes from and who the product is helping.  
Healthy Green Living Gifts:

The Art Major

For an Art major, I would advise getting him or her some nice canvases and paint sets.  I know myself that canvases at Michael’s are very expensive, and I loose brushes like they are nothing.  Get your grad a little paint set that he or she can easily take care of.
Gifts for your artsy Graduate:

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