5 Extreme Selfies

I recently followed GoPro on Instagram, and it’s been the best following decision I think i’ve ever made.  Their photos are so extreme, and it does make you a little jealous about how cool these people are and the things they get to do.  

Selfies have become so popular. When I was at the Lincoln Memorial last weekend, so many people were using their selfie sticks and taking selfies with the presidents.  Now you can say that you’ve taken a selfie with the president. 

On Top of the World

How cool would it be to have this picture of you as your Facebook profile picture?  Got to replace the senior prom photo sometime, right?



Even though I love fashion and my clothing, it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t take a trip down south and experience what mudding is all about.

Nicaragua Beauty

I’ve never wanted to go to South America until I saw this picture.  I think I’m about to pack my bags just so I can rent a moped to that beach.  

Up Part 2


Personally, I think a hot air balloon ride would be the most romantic date in the world.  But how rad would it be to also have a selfie with you flying a thousand feet in the air?



Even though I’m a very amateur skier, I would love to be able to take a selfie of myself doing something cool on the slopes (then fall five second later).


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