5 Ways to use your Smartphone to Stay Healthy

Everyone one is saying that technology is overtaking our lives.  My dad says to put your phone away or you’ll have to pay for dinner, but I look over two seconds later, and he’s showing us a photo his sister sent him.  However, I want to show you the good in technology and how you can use it to stay healthy – then you can show your parents.

Zombies, Run!

So if you’re a little nerdy like me, you will find this app to be a great fitness motivator.  Every run, you go on is a “mission.”  There is audio that goes along with the app that makes it seem like you are being chased by zombies, turning exercise into a game (of survival)!

Nike + Training

Nike is possibly my favorite sports brand.  I’ve had my running sneakers for a couple of years. and they are still intact, and they also offer a free app to exercise.  This app is the great because their workouts have specific targets such as arms, legs, and weight loss.  They also have little quick workouts when you’re struggling for time.   

Instant Abs Trainer

Yes, the title is a little misleading. If just after the app downloading I had a perfect six pack, that would be nice, but sadly. life doesn’t work like that.  However, doing 200 crunches gets very boring, and this app is great for finding new workouts that you never would’ve guessed would give you abs.  


In case you didn’t know, there are parts of the Fitbit app that you can use even if you don’t have a Fitbit.  You can log your exercise on it and have it count your calories.  The Fitbit has the best calorie counter I have found because normally, you don’t count how many blueberries you eat, and this app has normal proportions for food servings.  

FitStar Yoga

Yoga is great exercise after a long day at work.  I work on my feet all day, and a run would just make my foot pain worse.  Yoga is a great way to work your whole body without putting pressure on your feet or joints.  

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