Is this Season of the Bachelorette Sexist?

So I have to admit I’ve seen a good amount of the Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons since Matt Grant’s season.  Please, no judgment – I think I was 10 years old and just got hooked.  But now, I couldn’t even make it through the first 30 minutes of this season.  Reality competitions are something I always thought of as harmless and a little mindless television after a long day or work.  But this season is just a complete mess.  

This season featured two bachelorettes instead of one.  The two girls, Britt and Kaitlyn, had to compete for male attention in order to be the Bachelorette, and it was the men who were deciding which of the two would be the best mate.  

Britt and Kaitlyn

Then the two girls were put into personality characteristics.  Both the girls were gorgeous and wouldn’t have any trouble meeting a guy in the real world.  Kaitlyn was characterized at the girl with the most personality, and Britt was the hot one.  “A 15 out of 10, complete smoke show,” said one of the men, referring to Britt

When the men arrived virtually all of them went to greet Britt first. At least the editors edited it to make it look like everyone was interested in Britt, not even showing the men walk up to Kaitlyn.  Then things changed. The men started walking up to Kaitlyn and giving her gifts, and the only gift Britt got was a pack of tissues.  

This season is testing the question about this show: Is the Bachelor franchise sexist?  In my opinion, this season is, because they have never subjected any man to this.  There have definitely been a couple of guys they had in mind to do the bachelor but only had one.  Also, when you see the previews for this season you can see then it is public knowledge that Kaitlyn had sex with one of the contestants, even to the extreme that you can hear moaning on the tape.  Just remember, however, Bob Guiney who had sex with 16 of the girls on his season, but it wasn’t publicized like it is this season when Kaitlyn reportedly slept with one contestant,  when Mike slept with 16.

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