Trend Tuesday

There are some things that I never thought 19-year-old me would love to have in her closet right now like a pale pink tutu and a jumpsuit.  Trends are something that come and go, but they always seem to come back, so maybe don’t throw away everything once it goes out of fashion.  

Tutu Skirt

You can now wear tutus in public and not just when you’re five years old at a dance recital you can’t wait to be over.  I really like this because it looks great if you’re wearing the tutu with a fancy top or a t-shirt.
Love LULU*s Tutu

 Crop Halter Top

Halter bikini tops are in high demand right now.  It took me an hour to find one that wasn’t over $80.  But this style is not just for the beach.  It is a great top to wear for drinks with the girls or on a date.  Halter tops show off your arms, and if they’re like the one in the picture, your toned back.

 Leather and Stripes

Stripes are not for sailors anymore.  People believe that stripes can make you look heavier, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  The trick is not to wear stripes that have the same width.  Wear a white shirt with thin black stripes, for example.  
Shirt: Landsend

 Long Printed Circle Skirts

I am obsessed with skirts – no longer are they for 50s housewives.  These are skirts that go past your knee, but not to the floor.  They are great to wear with a cute pair of heels or wedges.  I would suggest wearing them with nude heels if there are multiple colors in the skirt.  

 Sequin Jacket 

This jacket is something I could totally see Mindy Lahiri wearing.  This jacket may not be the most professional thing to wear to work, unless you work in the art industry, but it is a fun jacket to wear on a night out.  Also, it is very complimenting to a jean shirt.  


I never thought I would ever put a jumpsuit on my blog.  Every time I’ve tried one on, it was the most unflattering piece of clothing ever.  But since I saw T. Swift’s at the Billboard Music Awards, I’ve been obsessed.

 Lace Romper

Rompers are perfect for summer.  The reason being is that they’re something different than a dress or a pair of shorts.  Also, they are very flattering for every body type because they come in very different styles.

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