Buddhi Box Review

I’ve done a lot of subscription boxes but have never gotten one close to this one.  This box is great for the yogi inside all of us.

What’s A Buddhi Box?

Buddhi Box was created by Maxine Chapman, a yoga teacher.  She was giving products to her students and fellow teachers.  After all the positive responses from everyone, she came up with the idea to give to a larger scale of yoga enthusiasts.  

You can get two different types of Buddhi Boxes.  One has 4-6 samples, and the other one had 4-6 full size products.  The small box is $11.95 and the larger one is $30.95.
Get this box at buddhiboxes.com   

What’s Inside?

Each box comes with a quote, yoga pose, and a recipe.  


Sweat Towel
I’m an amature yoga student, so I didn’t even know a sweat towel was a yoga necessity.  It’s pretty simple. It’s made to absorb sweat, and you can also use it as a strap to deepen your asana postures.  

Saucha – Get the Funk Out
This is made from the same company as the yoga towel.  It is made to kill bacteria and odor from your gym clothing and mats.  Together, the towel and the spray are $15.

Gomacro Bar
So this bar lasted until right after I took the pictures of the box.  I’m always looking for new protein bars because I work out all day, and in the hot summer months, the last thing you want is to not be eating enough.  

Poppy & Elle HeadBands
These are made the same way the felt hair types are.  They are the only type of hair tie that does not damage your hair.  Also they are only $2 each, and many stores in my town don’t even sell the hair ties for that price.  

Below the Oak Vixen – Solid Perfume
This is something you can take with you wherever you go because it is small enough to fit in a makeup bag.  

Frisky Fish – Fresh
This essential oil is used to clear and awaken your mind during a yoga or meditation session.  

AM Yoga Meditations
This is great to use the morning after a stressful day before.  You can listen online or download it on your device to take with you wherever you go.

Fly Buddha Foundation

I like to support companies that give back.  Every month, this box gives a portion of their sales to a charitable organization.  This month, they gave a portion to the Fly Buddha Foundation, which is a non-profit that assists women with gynecological cancer in the preservation of their fertility.  

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