13 Bachelors to Lust After Under 25

Last year, I was watching an interview on Live with Kelly and Michael, and I instantly got a little crush on Theo James – then a few minutes later I find out he’s 30 years old.  Even though I’m in denial about that, celebrity crushes are not completely unrealistic.  (You never know who you might get stuck ATM vestibule with).  Here are some age appropriate Bachelors to have your new celebrity crush on.  

Jimmy Garoppolo, 23

Even though you have no idea how to pronounce his last name doesn’t mean that you can’t have a little sunday afternoon crush on him.  Sadley it is not football season and you can’t catch this up and coming quarterback on the Patriots every week but according to the 10 second google search, he’s single.

Nat Wolff, 20

So I’ve had a little crush on Nat Wolff sense back in his naked brothers band stint.  His next movie is Paper Towns with Cara Delevingne.  Eventhough he is still technically a bachelor he has been dating Margaret Qualley since 2012.

Ansel Elgort, 21

Even though I was more of a fan of the book then the movie The Fault in Our Stars I had to put Ansel in this post, because he seems like a very hilarious person.  And this baby faced, actor is single.  

Louis Tomlinson, 23

My one and only One Direction crush, and he plays sports!  He’s jock and a sensitive musician best of both worlds.  Louis is currently single, so you’re competing against about a billion One D fans.

Harry Styles, 21

So Taylor Swift wrote a whole album about their brief two month romance.  I never really got the Harry Styles obsession but sadly he’s dating victoria secrets model Nadine Leopold.

Ed Sheehan, 24

When I found out that Ed was under my 25 year age limit I was more then happy to add him to list of bachelors.  I just think he’s amazing and he kinda looks like Ron weasley, he’s british, and can sing. Do I need to say anymore? Oh yeah he’s single.

Austin Mahone, 19

I didn’t really know who he was but Austin Mahone is the one who sings the popular song Mmm Yeah, he is currently dating Becky G.

Nick Jonas, 22

I think we all know who Nick Jonas is but recently he’s turned his high school boy band persona into an actual music career that you don’t have to be embarrassed you still listen to.  Nick is currently dating Olivia Culpo.

Hunter Hayes, 23

Last week Hunter Hayes Country album just launched called 21 and I have been listening to it almost all the time when I’m writing.  Hunter is dating Libby Barnes, which I heard fans freaked out about, but dudes got to have a life to write that great music.  

Nicholas Hoult, 25

Not anymore is Nicholas just known as Jennifer Lawrence’s Ex boyfriend.  He is now starring in the new avengers movie.  He is rumored to be dating Glee star Dianna Agron.

Matthew Lewis

This Hogwarts alumni has been making some news for his almost nude photos in a popular  English Magazine.  Lets just say that Neville Longbottom would be the talk of the 10 year reunion.  And he’s single.

Yes my last two bachelors do not fit into the 25 year limit but even though they are a little older they are not completely out of reach.  

Rob Gronkowski, 26

This wonderful man brought the patriots to the superbowl and they won so how could I not add him into this post? Rob was caught acting very single at a Carolina night club last weekend, so i’d say he’s single.

Pietro Boselli, 27

One day Professor Boselli was teaching an engineering class. One of the students googled her professor’s name because well, he was ridiculously attractive. Turns out Professor Boselli was also a famous male model. How do you even concentrate in that class? 

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