Hillary Clinton’s Pillow and Other Hilarious Campaign Swag

Technically, I’m still a Political Science minor at school, and with the upcoming election, I wanted to write about fashion.  But writing about Hillary’s blue pant suits was not something I thought would be very interesting, and not funny.  I did, however, find some pretty interesting presidential 2016 campaign swag.

Stitch By Stitch Throw Pillow

If in five years I walk into someone’s house and see this pillow, I will not know how to react.  I do think this pillow is hilarious, but her H with and arrow campaign emblem just ruins it.  

The Everyday Pantsuit Tee

I guess writing about pantsuits was something that Hillary really did not want me to be able to avoid.  But my real question was: how can you have a pantsuit tee without a bottom?

Ted Cruz Iphone Case

I actually have to give some props for the people in charge of HiIlary’s campaign – who would want a boring $40 Ted Cruz iPhone case?

Rand On A Stick

I don’t know if this should be used at an auction or to hide your face, but you get a set of 12.  

Corn Hole Game

Just another frat boy republican, but at least he supports drinking games

NSA Spy Cam Blocker

For only $15 dollars, you can get a tiny sticker to block your camera on your laptop.  

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