First Week Of June Outfit of the Day Ideas

Right now, the weather is in the awkward stage where it is sunny and looks like you could wear shorts and a tank top, but then you go outside and you are freezing.  The last thing you want to be is trying to have fun with your friends when all you can think about is how the weird goose bumps on your legs .  Here are some spring looks that will make you look as fierce as the model in this red dress.  

Incase you have a super fancy night planned this week;

Sunday May 30th – Brunch with the Parents

This outfit is perfect for a Saturday out when it is still a little chilly.  It has neutral colors, and you can put a cardigan in your bag in case you get cold.  A cardigan is great because it adds warmth from the cold winds but doesn’t completely cover up your outfit.   


Monday June 1 – Drinks With the Girls

Black halter crop tops are more popular now than Justin Bieber was when I was in eighth grade.  Black crop tops are great because you can put any print over them.  This jacket is great because it is eye catching but still shows off the days you spent sweating at the gym to get those killer abs.

Tuesday June 2- Grace and Frankie Marathon

Tuesday has become the new Monday in my opinion.  On Monday, you’re all rested from the weekend, then Tuesday hits, and you just want a comfy sweater, wine, and some TV.  An  oversized sweater paired with some shorts make the perfect outfit because you can still show off your long legs and ankle boots while keeping warm.

Sweater: etsy
Shorts: Etsy
Ancle boots:Aldo

Wednesday June 3 – Drinks with your Co-workers

This outfit is great for a casual night out with your fellow employees.  The reason being is it’s cute, so you can still flirt with the cute bartender, but it is also appropriate that you could wear it to work that day under a blazer.  

Dress: Nordstrom
Shoes: Nordstom

Thursday June 4 – Art Gallery Opening

My pair of boyfriend jeans in finally coming in the mail today, and I could not be more pumped. This outfit is perfect for those artsy nights because there are so many focal points on this outfit.  Also, boyfriend jeans shape your legs perfectly for these shoes.  

Boyfriend Jeans: Anthropologie

Friday June 5 – Pink Floyd Cover Band

This outfit is great for a night out.  The biggest mistake people make is making the leather jacket the focal point of their outfit.  These pants make this outfit, and the vertical lines are figure-flattering.  Horizontal stripes can make your legs look larger than they are.  


Saturday June 6 – Farmers Market

Wearing a cute sundress to a sunny day farmers market has started to become a thing.  No longer is it cute to wear a vintage tee and shorts.  This is perfect for those days when it is not so warm because the long sleeve on this dress will keep you from getting chilly.  

Dress:JC penny
Bag: jcpenny
Shoes: JC PEnny

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