Wear Your Label

Wear Your Label was created in 2015 as the first clothing line dedicated mental health awareness.  Their clothing line was created to ignite conversations about mental health issues.  One in five people will experience mental health issues in their lifetime.  Everyone one has their own mental health, but people don’t talk about it.  

Wear Your Label was created by Kyle MacNevin and Kayley Reed. Kevin lives with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Kayley suffered from Anorexia Nervosa.  In 2013, the two met and started working on Wear Your Label.  Kyle and Kayley saw something missing in the fashion world, and they created it.  

Every piece of clothing is designed by someone who has struggled with mental health.  All their clothing has words to help you share your story like “stressed but well dressed.”  

This company is not just about the clothing. It is also about ending the stigma of mental health.  With every purchase, the company will donate 10% of their profits to a bigger impact.  The company gives to organizations, speaks to the public, and hosts workshops.  

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