High Shine Club: Review

To be honest, I have about 95 million nail polishes in my house and use about 3 of them.  Black, purple, and red are my go-tos.  The problem with that is my nails always look the same, and also I’m horrible about sticking to my plans for painting my nails.

The ability to do your own nails is a great skill because it costs about $17 to get your nails done at a salon, and that’s not even including the tip.  I thought I would try this kit called the High Shine Club.  I would get everything I need to have manicure quality nails with the same price as a manicure.  But the great thing is this box comes with a full-size bottle of your nail polish so you can have a great manicure for months.

What’s Inside?

White Butter London Polish- $15
La Fresh Nail Polish Remover- $4
Hands Of Hope Hands and Cuticle Cream- $9
CND Solar Oil- $6

The Essentials 

The manicure set came with a couple of beauty tools to help your manicure look professional.  I Started with he nail file to shape my nails and smooth any imperefections.  Then I used the cuticle stick to move any skin that as blocking my nail.  Next I used the solar oil on my nail and the area around my nail to smooth it.  
I finished with using the block that says steps 1-4.  I had no idea what this was so I had to google it.  Step one files the nail edge.  Step two removed ridges.  Step three smoothes nail and the final step shines the nail.   

 La Fresh

These are honestly the best idea in the world.  I hate when my nail polish get chipped because just one chipped nail can wreck your whole look.  I keep these in my makeup bag with my current polish, and if the nail does get chipped, I just remove it with this pad and re-apply the polish.  


Hands Of Hope 

This is a great lotion to use to moisturize your nails before you commit to painting them.  It is light and dries fast.  

Butter London

I’m always pretty skeptical about white polish because it never seems to come out as glossy.  With this polish, do multiple coats.  Always remember to apply an overcoat to protect the nail.  

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