Staycation Ideas By Where You Live

If you’re like me, taking a trip to Guatemala to spend your days on the beach sipping on Margaritas are way out of the question.  While all your friends are posting photos of their travels around the world, and you are in your working your third double in a row, here are some ways for you to enjoy your day off and have a little mini vacation without leaving your town.

 If you Live on the Coast

I live on Cape Cod, and being surrounded by thousands of tourist over the summer can get a little overwhelming and makes me avoid the beautiful parts that make my city so beautiful.  My advice is be a tourist for a day- well, everything but drive like a tourist.

Take your bike or rent one and enjoy the beautiful parts of your town without having to go through the parking lots looking for a spot.  The worst thing is getting ready for a beach day and having to wait in line for people to leave.  With a bike, you can skip all the lines and leave it tied against a fence.

For You City Folks 

My advice is for you to put your life on hold for a day.  Turning off your phone and staying away from social media can be a great thing, especially if you have a busy life and are tied to your phone and check your email more than you sleep.

Find something creative you can do right from your home.  People visit the Met from all over the world to see the art.  On your way home from work, stop by the local craft store, grab some paints, relax, and be creative for a day.

Rural Areas

My brother currently lives in Kansas, and I always hear him say there’s nothing to do there.  But you don’t know how lucky you are.  No,  you don’t have a neighbor for 5 miles, but what 5-miles-away neighbor is going to call because of a noise complaint?

My advice is take a tent, sleeping bag, and some marshmallows and camp in your backyard.  Camping is a great way to escape from your daily life for a little bit.  Invite some of your friends over and have a girls night, and because you don’t have to stuff everything in your car,, you can glamp all you want.

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