Grace And Frankie

Whenever you watch a show like Grace and Frankie, it is usually a complete waste of your time or you can’t imagine why someone hasn’t tried this idea before.  What I mean is the idea behind Grace and Frankie is a little insane.  Well, let me explain…

The Plot

The series starts out with two women in their 70s, Grace and Frankie, who are waiting for their husbands at dinner.  The women obviously have known each other forever and can’t stand being any more than three feet from each other.  The women are discussing what the giant news their husbands have to announce to them. Thinking this news is about their retirement, they couldn’t be more wrong.  It turns out the two men the women have been married to for 40 years aren’t just partners in business, but life partners for 20 years.

The Cast

The main cast is Jane Fonda as Grace, Lilly Tomlin as Frankie, Sam Waterston as Sol, and Martin Sheen as Robert.  The show also stars Brooklyn Decker, June Diane Raphael,  Baron Vaughn and Ethan Embry as their children.  

What I Loved

Sol And Frankie

The problem with captivating the audience with comedies is that there is no depth to the show.  Nothing ever goes wrong on comedies, but this comedy has both laughs and heartbreak.  The part that is the most powerful is Frankie and Sol’s relationship.  Unlike Grace and Robert, Sol and Frankie were best friends, and Frankie was completely in love with him.  

Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie’s relationship was something that I thought was going to be just like every polar opposite character pair in movies who hate each other and then randomly decide to like each other.  Each episode shows that the women do grow close to one another, but the playful jabs don’t stop, which was a smart idea for this show.  These two women have disliked each other for four decades, so they are not just going to decide to not have little burns for each other.  

The Children

This was my favorite part of the show, honestly.  On one side, you have Grace and Robert’s children, who knew their parents were not in love and honesty are not really a family.  Then you have Frankie and Sol’s children, who used to be a happy little family, but they were broken apart by this.  Also, the writers built great characters because everyone is completely different.  Bri is clearly broken and wants someone to love her.  Mallory is caught up in her life as a mother and is overwhelmed by it,  but she cares deeply for everyone.  Coyote is struggling with his addiction and also his feelings toward Mallory.  Nwabudike shows how much he cares about his family and even how protective he is over Brianna and her well-being.  

What I Didn’t Like


To be honest, the only part I didn’t like about this show was Guy.  He was supposed to be this extremely interesting man who lived this incredible life, but he was so boring.  Also, that sex scene was just too awkward to handle.  

The Finale

The ending of this show ending with me screaming and running down stairs to tell my mom what happened.  And lets just say the gossip girl OMFG should move on to this show.  Halfway through the episode, you could kind of tell it was going to happen, but I never thought it would.  

Watch it, then tell me if the ending has you more confused than the first episode.

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