Kerry Washington: Style Icon Of The Week

This is the first of my style icon posts. Every week, I’m going to pick a celebrity to feature.  When I was thinking about what pictures to choose, I was thinking about showing my favorite looks that they have been seen wearing.  The problem with that is that you can find what every celebrity wears every time they walk outside,  with any google search.  What I’m going to feature is what I think the celebrity is best at in fashion.  Kerry Washington is possibly the most fashionable human being in the world.  What I believe she is best at is using every color to its full potential.   


This is possibly the fiercest outfit I’ve seen Washington wear.  What I love about this outfit is it has a slit in the leg but also has a different draped neck line.  The draping on this dress could cause her hips to look larger, but the belt adds shape.  When wearing a long dress, it’s best to show your shape and not to lose your curves in the dress.  


I feel being pregnant and a celebrity is challenging because you want to dress comfortably, but people poke and prod about everything you wear.  This dress is perfect because it’s a loose dress and looks comfortable.  What Washington did that was smart was curling her hair.  It’s smart because it builds a better form for the outfit.  


Grey is not usually sexy. It’s the hardest color to pull off without like you’re walking into a business meeting for a presentation on what product product sales for this term. But Washington rocks it in this outfit.  When wearing grey, have a statement piece like the clutch Washington is using.  


Orange is possibly the hardest color to pull off.  What is kind of genius with this outfit is that she matches it with black, which, even though you would think it would see a little Halloween-like, looks great.  


Anyone who is a Scandal fan knows that Kerry Washington can pull of white like a professional, and she never looks less than flawless.  

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