Reggie Box Review

If any of you have read by Bio on my blog, know the most important thing to me is my 10-year-old yellow lab Bela.  Because I’m at work more than I’m home, I wanted to get her a little something to brighten up her spirits. I decided to get her a Reggie Box.

What is a Reggie Box?

The great thing about these boxes is they take the size of your dog in account for what they put in the box.  The great thing is this is a box made just for your dog, and all of the toys and treats are made in the United States.  

What’s Inside?

Each box is filled with 4-6 toys and treats that are catered to the size of your dog or puppy.  

Mushyface Cookie Co

These cookies are created by Jeff and Michelle, who were worried about the things that go into dog food.  These cookies are not only made in the United States, but they are also made from healthy ingredients that your dog will love.  

 Sunny’s Biskits

These Biskits are pretty much the coolest dog treat ever. Not only are they made from the most healthy ingredients available, but they are also molded into cute and adorable shapes.

 Chowper Tail Waggers

Bela is not really a toy dog; she likes her treats and bones, but for some reason. whenever I wake up in the morning, this is on her bed.  So maybe she sleep-plays?  This toy is made very well.  When Bela was a puppy teething, these kinds of toys would break apart in a matter of days, but this one stays strong.  

Monster Ball 

This is a very different and creative alternative from the kong toy.  Bela really liked this one and the teeth add a grip for the dog to have an easier way to grab the bone.  

 Sammy Snacks

Sammy snacks are great because they don’t only take into account what a dog loves to eat, but also what is  healthiest for their digestive systems.  

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