My Fashion Bucket List

Bucket list posts are very interesting because they show what someone wants to do with their life and what their goals are.  Also, I feel like it is the best way to get to know someone.  Like the question, “If you could do one thing before you die, what would it be?”  This, my dears, is my Fashion Bucket List.  This is a list of everything I want to do before I’m 30 that involves fashion.

Wear A Red Dress On A First Date

Red is always a color I avoid because I think it’s too much, but red is an amazing color.  It’s a scientific fact that you catch more eyes wearing red than any other color.  Wearing a red dress on a first date is something of a risk, which in fashion, and also in life, is something you need to do.

Get Married in a Non-White Dress

I completely believe in marriage, but personally, I think having a giant wedding is extremely pointless for me. Nonetheless, I really want to plan a giant wedding.  Yeah, it doesn’t make any sense to anyone but me.  When I get married, I want to go against the social norm of wearing a white fluffy dress and wear something a little different.  

Work As a Stylist

A job I would love to have is to be a stylist for a TV show or a movie.  Clothing is something that creates a character, and it’s crazy how a character’s fashion changes with what they are going through on their scripted life.  

Attend Fashion Week

I would love to dress all in black and sit front row on fashion week – literally, best Christmas gift ever.  But unless I’m as famous as Kate Moss, the chances of that happening are slim to none, but even if I’m sitting in the nosebleeds of a fashion show, I would still love it just as much.  

Dye My Hair a Crazy Color

For the past two weeks, I’ve been telling my friends, parents, and everyone else that I want to dye my hair grey.  But for my summer jobs, I think it’s probably a little much.  Before I settle into a professional job, however, I would love to rock some crazy locks.  

Design a Dress And Wear It to an Event

In my life, I have made about 25% of a shirt.  I would love to design, draw, and create a dress to wear to an event.  

Attend a Masquerade

Ever since I saw that episode of Gossip Girl I have wanted to go to one of these.  Think about how interesting it would be to wear a gorgeous gown and then be around a bunch of people covered in masks, and it’s not even Halloween.  

Learn How to Tie a Tie

Even though I will probably never wear one, it’s a skill that I think every person needs to learn.  

Be Able to Run in Heels

This one is something that I’m a little sad I don’t already know how to do.  There is actually a run that supports a charity every year where the women run in heels.  

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