Swim Suits for Every Body Type

Pear Shape

The Pear shape: When your thighs and hips are larger than your top, like Shakira, Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian.

What to Look for: You need to look out for a suit that will compliment both your top and also cover your bottom.    

DBC Tips:

For the bottom: Stay away from thick bottoms.  Thick bottoms have an extra layer of material that will make your stomach and butt look larger.  Try a bathing suit with a little skirt to compliment your waist.

For the Top: Make this the part of the bathing suit that is going to be the attention grabber.  You can do a cool neckline or a eye-catching print.  

Large Bust

Large Bust:  The most important thing to remember here is support and coverage. You don’t want anything to be exposed on a public beach.

What to look for:  Look for a top that has as much support as your everyday bra.  Look for molded cups and underwire.  For the top look for something without ruffles or flowy fabric.  

DBC Tips

For the top: Look for something that has as much as or more support than your bras.  Look for bathing suits at the same place where you get your bras because most of the time, they offer the same tops as they do bras.

For the bottom: Go with a print because your top is not going to have any beading or ruffles.  Spend a little more time searching for a really cute bottom – it’s worth it!

Small Bust

Small Bust: You have a smaller bust, typically and A or a B cup.

What to looks for: Because you have a smaller chest, you can look for tops that offer less support and have ruffles or beading that creates the illusion of a larger chest.  

DBC Tips

For the top: Get a  top with ruffles or a print overlay, and look for something that is eye-catching.
For the bottom: Get something that matches the top and fits well.


Athletic: Your Body is very fit and you have fewer curves than most women.

What to look for: Look for a bathing suit that has less coverage. It will create the illusion of curves.

DBC Tips

Top: Look for one-pieces or tops that have patterns because this will create a curvy frame.  

Bottom: Look for side tie bikini bottoms.

Tummy Concealing

Tummy Concealing: You are built more like an apple shape, and you hold most of your weight in your tummy.

What to look for: Look for a bathing suit that you feel comfortable in.  Once you’re at the beach there is no turning back.  If you wear a bikini or a one piece make sure you feel comfortable.  

DBC Tips

Top: If you prefer to be more covered up, try a one-piece or a tankini.
Bottom: Go for a high-waisted bottom.

The Do’s and Don’t’s

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