Why Being Single is Amazing

When I was in high school, being single was this thing that people made a big deal about. I was in a relationship in high school for just a little bit, and I honestly don’t understand how people were in relationships for all four years.  When I got to college, being in a relationship was very rare, because who honestly has time for it? Between classes and working, I barely had time to see my friends.   

You Can Take As Long As You Want to Get Ready

I’m a procrastinator, and getting ready is something that if I did it all at once would take me about 15 minutes, but I like to relax and do other things in the middle of me getting ready.  Friends never yell from the other room because you’re about to miss your reservation.  

You Don’t Have to Hang Out with His Weirdo Friends

No longer do you have to hangout in a creepy basement drinking a beer as guys talk about their hookups while you sit there and don’t know what to and not to say.

The Possibility of Meeting A New Guy

When you’re in a relationship, you are locked in to someone. If it’s the right person, it’s great, but if you’re single, you’re a free women and can enjoy a night with the girls.

You Can Make Out With Anyone You Want

whenever you want.

You don’t have to Share Your Bed with a 180- Pound 6’11″ Giant

You can sleep like a starfish all you want.

Not Having to Shave Every Day

Do I need to say more?

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