A Easy College Storage DIY

You would be surprised how big of an industry storage is.  Especially when it comes to buying furniture for your dorm room, every little bit of innovation helps to save a little money.  Last year I used milk crates to organize all the little things in my dorm room.  

Under Bed Storage

When in college, the place you use to hide during hide-and-seek as a child becomes the best place to store little things.  But even throwing your shoes under the bed will cause problems because when you’re rushing and can only find one shoe, you will really wish you had some organized storage.

What you need:

6 Zip Ties
6 Books
4 Milk Crates

This is is super simple.  Every year, a couple professors will say you absolutely need the book, but chances are you won’t open it.  Take those couple of books to lift this off the ground so you can easily clean underneath.  Then, use the zip ties to secure the milk crates and cut the extra plastic with the scissors.    

 Closet Storage

When I leave for school in the fall, it’s 80 degrees, and then in the winter, it’s -12.  Having a good place to store your shorts and skirts during the winter is a necessity.  Just remember to label the buckets to easily grab that Alice and Olivia skirt when the weather gets better.  

 A Comfy Seat

When you’re in college, the one thing you will almost miss more than your puppy back home is a couch.  This idea is great because you’re also using the space for storage.  College is all about working with a small space, and this little couch is a perfect way to use your space a little more comfortably.  

 Bookcase Storage

In my opinion, leave all your books at home because they are heavy, and chances are you will not have the time to read them.  This is a great way to store your books and anything else because it also builds a shelf for you to put other things on.  

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