The White Tee

Whenever you read an article about the one thing that every fashion-obsessed person should have in their closet, the answer is usually a cute pair of pumps or a great pair of skinny jeans.  But what about the white tee?  It’s classic and everyone has one, but why is it that it is not used more in our outfits?  This article is going to show you how you can use that white tee that’s folded in the back of your closet to help you become the most stylish person in every part of your life.


This is the most common way to wear a white tee.  The problem that I think most people find with white tees is that they give you a boxy figure.  Wear a white tee with some high waisted shorts to show off your waist!


White dress shirts are the most constricting thing to wear in the world.  When I was a manager, I hated wearing them.  A white shirt is a great way to look professional while also being comfortable.  When wearing a white shirt, the rest of your outfit has to be very professional.  Maybe you can wear jeans when you’re wearing a dress shirt.  You can also wear it with a pencil skirt and some heels.  


A v-neck tee shirt is a great way to look classy and fancy when you have to go to a dressy event.  Even though you may be wearing one shirt from a three pack you got at TJ Maxx, who would ever know?  It’s great when you’re running late and didn’t buy anything to wear.  For this outfit, go with a low v-neck and a skirt.  Tuck the shirt into the skirt to create a great waistline.  

Street Style

A white shirt can be anything from what you wake up in the morning wearing to what you wear to work, and also to what you wear when you go out on a Friday night.  For the white tee, go with a shirt that is not a crew neck but is something more like a high v-neck.  Match it with a patterned skirt and some colorful heels.

Beach Wear

I live on the Cape, so I had to add some beach wear to this post.  Right now, it’s way too cold to just wear a bathing suit to the beach, but it’s great to experience the beach before the tourists come.  Wear your loose white tee with some boyfriend jeans.  

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