How to Enjoy the Beach Alone

When you live by the beach or are on vacation, there are some times where you want to go to the beach but everyone is busy, or the people you are on vacation with want to visit a museum and you would rather sit and relax on the shoreline.  Truth be told, sometimes being at the beach alone can feel like the most awkward thing ever.  But in all reality, no one ever wonders why you’re all alone or were your friends are.  You do you and enjoy the sun and sand alone.  

Bring a Book

Bringing a book to the beach is the best way to keep yourself occupied because, well, you can’t see your phone in the sun.  Also, it’s a great break from swimming and other activities at the beach.  

P.S. The best way to stay interested when you’re trying to get a tan
Water Sports

Most beaches have rentals where, for an hour or so, you can rent a paddle board or a kayak.  One thing on my bucket list is to go paddle boarding, which will obviously make a cool selfie.  When you’re alone, you can do whatever sport you want, whereas in a group, you have to go along with the popular choice.  

Take Photos

I’ve never been to a beach that wouldn’t look great on the cover of National Geographic because, honestly, are there any ugly beaches in the world?

Meet New People

Chances are you are not the only one on the beach alone, and in reality, being nice to the people next to you will not hurt you.  Say “Hi” and start a conversation!

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