Trend Alert: Blue and White Outfits

White and blue is a combination that has always seemed a little underrated until this summer.  A couple of weekends ago, I was in Martha’s Vineyard, and there were at least a couple of outfits in each store that were white and blue, which is what inspired this article.  4527386_nill-in41.jpg

I live on Cape Cod, which is a very beachy environment, but even if you don’t live near the shore, it doesn’t mean that this trend isn’t something you can rock.

When I was a freshman in highschool, I went to New York City, and being the fashion obsessed person I was, I visited all the high end stores and was given a lot of strange looks about what I was wearing.  Apparently, what was fashionable for a 14-year-old on the Cape was probably not as fashionable to wear in NYC.  For people in the city, wear white and blue in a more formal fashion.  A white maxi dress looks breathtaking with this white and blue blouse.  It would be a perfect outfit to wear out to dinner or to an event.  


I feel like everyone is always looking for an excuse this summer to wear white pants.  A white and blue print top looks great with white pants.  Just match the outfit with some nude sandals.

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