Selfie Sticks Banned At Disney

Today I was doing my normal celebrity gossip stalking and found an interesting article that says that Disney is now enforcing a rule that they will not allow selfie sticks.  Now, many of you are probably wondering how a stick that’s only a couple of feet long could be causing this much of an issue.  

What is a Selfie Stick?

A Selfie Stick is a metal rod with a phone holder that extends to make it easier for you to take a selfie alone or with a group of people.  These little sticks are now becoming a controversial topic on the “happiest place on earth.’  Like I said in an earlier article of mine, Disney is not the first place to ban them.  Coachella banned “Narsisstics,” aka Selfie sticks.

Disney is putting up signs all over their parks because people are using Selfie Sticks on rides like Magic Mountain. Whenever these sticks are used, they extend over the safety guard.  


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